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Class Action | Employment Law

Mosse v. CVS Pharmacy

Los Angeles County Superior Court. $10 million class action settlement on behalf of CVS Store Managers for failure to pay overtime and failure to provide meal and rest breaks after misclassifying them as “exempt” employees, even though they spent the majority of their work time performing non-managerial tasks.

Class Action | Disability Rights

Fahmie v. City of LA

Los Angeles County Superior Court. Class Action on behalf of those with impaired mobility or other disabilities experiencing difficulties traveling throughout the city because of curb-less or damaged ramps. The City of LA agreed to pay over $85 million over the next 20 years to install appropriate curb ramps throughout the city.

Products Liability | Defective Drug

In Re: Avandia Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation

US District Court – Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Avandia lawsuit settles for more than $15 million on behalf of hundreds of patients who experienced heart failure or stroke while taking this diabetes drug. GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Avandia, has been named in thousands of lawsuits regarding the adverse side effects of its number one selling diabetes drug.

Defense Litigation | Real Estate Dispute

Cravens v. Salinas, et al.

San Bernadino County Superior Court filed on behalf of seller of real property in suit filed by purchaser against the seller, both brokers, the realtor and the title insurance company in a case involving issues of easements and an unusual plot map in which the driveway to the property was a separate piece of real property.  After the first session of one plaintiff's deposition we obtained a settlement very favorable to our client.

Personal Injury | Injured Due to Negligence

Walker v. Newport Beach Realty

Orange County Superior Court filed on behalf of Plaintiff severely injured after falling from an illegally converted staircase installed by the owner to allow residents access the roof of the apartment building. Obtained a verdict in excess of $300,000.00.

Personal Injury | Injured Due to Negligence

Traube v. Nelson

Plaintiff's minor child was severely injured after falling into Defendant neighbor's improperly enclosed pool.  Obtained a settlement in excess of $525,000.00.

Personal Injury | Medical Malpractice

Hames, et al. v. Doe Doctors, et al

Los Angeles County Superior Court filed on behalf of husband and children seeking damages for the negligent care rendered to his wife and their mother during a surgical procedure. The Defendants' negligence left the mother on a respirator for several months which ultimately led to her death. Obtained a significant confidential settlement for all Plaintiffs.

Business Litigation | Fraud | Breach of Contract

Esco Mex Video Productions, et al. v. Filmservice Laboratories, Inc.

Los Angeles County Superior Court filed on behalf of Defendant improperly performed services in the post-production work performed on a feature film and subsequently attempted to gain ownership of the film elements. Obtained a verdict of $955,000. Defendants appealed but subsequently settled.

Class Action | Defense Litigation

Kleiman, et al. v. DOE Mortgage Broker, et al.

Los Angeles Superior Court (Class Action) in defense of a mortgage broker and related defendants in a class action lawsuit alleging that lending industry practice of utilizing "yield spread premiums" amounted to unfair business practice in California.
Obtained a settlement in which all claims against defendants were dismissed.

Class Action | Defense Litigation | Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Alfred v. DOE Corporation, et al.

Los Angeles Superior Court (Class Action) in defense of a corporation and related individual defendants in a class action lawsuit alleging that defendants violated provisions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA"). Specifically, defendants are alleged to have transmitted unsolicited advertisements via facsimile machine without prior permission from recipients.  This matter was settled while avoiding potential liability in the millions of dollars.

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