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Lawsuits Involving Publicly Traded Stocks and Other Securities

If you purchased publicly traded stocks or other securities that declined in value following a significant negative disclosure about the company that issued them, you may have a securities fraud claim. A securities class action may be the best way to legally proceed in such a lawsuit. Such an action will give a voice to those who have lost money resulting from a company’s false reporting. Our law firm has a long history of success in such lawsuits and we know how to guide our clients through the legal intricacies of these lawsuits. 

These may involve hundreds or even thousands of plaintiffs who are united as a class. In such cases, we keep our clients informed about the developments in their case and we take the necessary steps to maximize the chances of success. Our attorneys can quickly investigate your situation and determine whether any securities fraud may have occurred and whether a securities class action lawsuit is appropriate. If it is, we will use our decades of experience to pursue justice and compensation on your behalf. 

Securities Fraud

Securities fraud typically occurs when a corporation or a representative of that corporation mislead investors about the value of their securities. They may misinform investors about the cost of operations, debt, the financial condition of the company, or their future earning potential. This may include misstatements of earnings, fraudulent account manipulations, suppression of clinical information, or any other type of misrepresentation that artificially inflates the value of a security. When the fraud is discovered, stock prices fall dramatically and investors may suffer significant financial damage. Under federal law the victims are entitled to recover their losses. In addition to breaking the law, these companies may owe investors compensation for their losses. 

Class Action Defined

One judge hears all the complaints at one time resulting in a common resolution to the problem for all investors who may have been harmed. By having a class of investors with similar complaints, the evidence for a favorable resolution can be more substantial and the money damages are often higher. In addition, securities fraud litigation is very expensive and complex. Going to trial on behalf of an individual investor may be cost prohibitive. However, combining all the individual cases into one securities class action lawsuit justifies the costs when losses can be recovered on behalf of all injured investors. Corporations accused of securities fraud may fight relentlessly to resist paying damages but a highly experienced law firm can challenge and counter their arguments. Success will require a securities class action attorney with in-depth knowledge of accounting practices and securities markets. Whether through settlements or judgments, we have had decades of success in these types of cases. 

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Attorneys on Your Side

A securities class action lawsuit provides investors with legal representation against large, well-funded companies who have violated securities laws and defrauded investors. Class actions allow investors who might be unable to bring individual actions against such companies to seek recovery without having to individually retain lawyers and incur legal fees. If you believe that you have been the victim of securities fraud, we are awaiting your call. Our Los Angeles securities class action lawyers will protect your rights and help you fight to recover the compensation you deserve. Furthermore, these types of class actions often hinge on the solidarity developed with multiple law firms in California and, potentially, throughout the nation. We have such relationships and know how to combine our strength with other law firms for the best interests of our clients.   

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