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Los Angeles Disability Rights Lawyers

If you are disabled and your rights have been violated, you are not alone. You may be seeking a lawyer in Los Angeles that can help you fight back against this discrimination. If an employer would not hire you, unjustly fired you or has discriminated against you in any way based upon a disability, we are on your side. We will pursue your best interests and hold accountable any individual or organization that did not prioritize your constitutional guarantees. 

Despite the laws that are in place, many employers refuse to provide disabled people with the opportunity to demonstrate their skill. Disabled people routinely face discrimination in hiring and in obtaining promotions. Additionally, employers often fail to provide reasonable accommodations to allow people with disabilities to fully perform their jobs. Not only is this unfair – it's illegal. For a California disability rights attorney, contact Arias Ozzello & Gignac.   

Unfortunately, employers are not the only violators. Educational institutions, municipal governments, landlords and others must all be policed so that they allow all people to have equal access. If your rights have been violated because of your disability, you may have legal recourse. 

Lawyers Defending the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California's equivalent, the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), prevent employment discrimination based on a disability or a perceived disability. Under these laws, employers are required to provide the disabled with access to facilities and make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. The ADA and the FEHA are essential to millions of Americans' civil rights and they represent equality for all people. But these laws must be regularly and aggressively defended to ensure their viability.  

At AOG, our lawyers have extensive experience litigating cases involving disability discrimination and defending the rights of people who have been mistreated. We are absolutely dedicated to protecting the rights of employees. Our law firm is prepared to represent individuals in a wide range of legal disputes and with a wide range of disabilities.   

  • Hearing-impairments
  • Learning disabilities
  • Mobility impairments
  • Vision impairments
In addition to representing individuals who have been discriminated against because of their disabilities, we are also experienced in employment class action lawsuits. If you believe that you should be a part of such a class action or you would like to know how you might initiate one, we are the knowledgeable allies you need. 

Disability Class Action Lawsuits

AOG handles statewide and national class action lawsuits on behalf of persons with disabilities who have been denied access to employment, business, education, or government facilities and services. If barriers that violate the Americans with Disabilities Act are preventing you from achieving your full potential or enjoying your constitutional rights, we will hold responsible parties accountable. We also have successfully challenged policies and procedures that impose unlawful limitations upon the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities. In addition to seeking compensation for you, we may also get an offending individual, institution or employer to change their behavior. 

Our Los Angeles disability rights lawyers have been representing disabled clients for decades and we have a particular focus on these types of cases. We have the resources to handle complex disability discrimination lawsuits for individuals and employee groups facing large, well-financed private and municipal employers. There is no opponent too formidable and no case too complex for us to handle. 

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