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A class action is a lawsuit where a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court. Many times, people throughout a region a state or even the entire nation will combine their resources to bring a class action case that best serves the plaintiffs, or members of the class, seeking compensation. Our firm has worked on countless such cases for over two decades. 

An individual  who has been injured may bring a class action on behalf of everyone who has been harmed. Usually, once the action has been filed, many other people who have been injured join the class action. Some typical examples include  

  • Securities Class Actions by shareholders 
  • Consumer Class Actions (allegations of fraud, for instance)
  • Employment discrimination
  • Relief from violations of antitrust law (such as price-fixing conspiracies and monopolizing markets)
  • Civil rights violations
  • Environmental damage
  • Mass torts such as oil spills and defective drugs and medical devices that impact many people

What is a “Lead Plaintiff?”

A Lead Plaintiff is a representative person or party appointed by the court, who stands in for and acts on behalf of the other class members in the litigation. To appoint a Lead Plaintiff, a court must determine that the proposed plaintiff's claims are typical of those of other class members, and that this plaintiff will adequately represent the interests of the class as a whole. In some circumstances, more than one class member may serve as Lead Plaintiff.

The Lead Plaintiff has control over the course and direction the litigation will take.

When you have been injured in a similar way with many other people, your attorney must first explore whether a class action already has been filed regarding the incident.  Your lawyer will then decide whether you are appropriate as a Lead Plaintiff or would be better served as a regular member of the class.

In either case, your attorney will work hard to ensure that your interests are adequately represented in the lawsuit. Most class actions settle before trial but we will be prepared to represent you if a trial is necessary. You may be entitled to a monetary recovery in proportion to the amount of your injury as compared with that of the class. We can help you pursue this compensation. 

How can an Experienced Attorney Help in a Mass Tort or Class Action? 

If you have been injured and believe you should either join a class action or file a class action lawsuit, seek the advice of an experienced lawyer.  You may have deadlines to meet in order to qualify for compensation. You may need to gather evidence and complete intricate paperwork. We have experience in all facets of class action cases and we can guide you through the process. Call our Los Angeles class action trial attorneys offices today and seek consultation with one of our skilled lawyers to see what your case may be worth.

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