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Hourly Employees Not Paid Overtime and Forced to Work Through Meal Breaks

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

California Employment attorneys have discovered that Tax Preparers, also known as Tax Professionals, employed by H&R Block, one of the nation’s largest tax preparation firms, have been working countless hours without proper compensation.  Throughout the year and especially during peak tax season, when inundated with clients, Tax Preparers are compelled to stay at work to finish their client’s taxes until the filing is complete. However, many of these Tax Preparers have had these “extra hours” of work either removed from their time records by management and/or an office leader, or are otherwise encouraged by management to not document the extra time in an effort to keep local labor costs in conformity with dictates from the H&R Block home office.  Thus, Tax Preparers are not paid the appropriate amount of overtime compensation.  Additionally, many Tax Preparers are not afforded a full 30-minute uninterrupted meal break, and when a meal break is interrupted the employees do not receive the “premium hour pay” as required for working through a meal break.

California wage and hour attorneys have since filed suit on behalf of the Tax Preparers against H&R Block. The investigation for this case is ongoing.  If you are, or have been, a Tax Preparer for H&R Block and have not been appropriately compensated for overtime work, or if you have not been afforded full 30-minute uninterrupted meal breaks, contact a California Employment Lawyer immediately to find out whether you have a claim and are entitled to compensation.

Read the Opinion:

H and R Block Opinion H and R Block Opinion (2822 KB)

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