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Illegal Traffic Tickets Being Contested

Have you received a $175 top sign ticket in Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir, Topanga Overlook, Top of Reseda, or Temescal Canyon? These tickets are illegal, and the attorneys at Arias Ozzello & GIgnac, LLP are doing something about it! We can help you! Call us today at (310) 670-1600.

Purchased a Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet?

If so, you may be one of the many customers who purchased a Barnes & Noble’s Nook tablet and have reported complaints about the accessories that provide power to their new tablet.  In some instances, it is the AC adapter for the Nook tablet that quickly fails after ordinary use.  In other instances, it is the Nook power cable supplied by Barnes & Nobles that breaks, again with just a few months of use.  In either case, without power, customers complain that their new Nook Tablet becomes an expensive paperweight.

The consumer protection attorneys at Arias Ozzello & Gignac are currently investigating claims, and may initiate a class action lawsuit alleging that Barnes & Nobles sells or supplies Nook Customers with power cables and AC adapters that are defective.  If you Reside in California, and purchased a Nook Tablet and your AC adapter or power cable became broken or otherwise stopped working within the first year of purchase, contact the attorneys at Arias, Ozzello & Gignac, as you may be entitled to compensation for the cost of your power cable or AC adapter, as well as damages for the loss of use of your Nook Tablet during the time you waited for a replacement.

Are you a New Jersey Resident who Purchased an LG LHB 975 Home Theater System?

If so, you may be interested in joining in a class action lawsuit that was recently filed by Arias Ozzello & Gignac LLP and Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah LLP on behalf of persons who purchased an LG LHB 975 Home Theater System and who experienced issues with the wireless subwoofer and/or rear speakers. If you are a resident of New Jersey and have experienced these issues with your LG LHB 975 Home Theater System and you are interested in participating in this class action lawsuit, please contact us to discuss the possibility of joining you as a plaintiff in the class action.

Loose Bristles from Metal Barbeque Grill Brushes Cause Serious Injury

We are investigating and pursuing claims on behalf of people who have experienced injuries from ingesting metal barbeque bristles that detach from grill brushes. Our investigation has determined that the metal bristles on some grill brushes fall out of the brush while cleaning the grill, sometimes staying on the grill itself. An unaware cook may then grill food, inadvertently picking up the loose metal bristles. When people then eat their food, they may also eat a bristle, causing serious harm to their throat, stomach, or intestines.

If you have purchased a metal bristle grill brush, and you were unaware when you purchased it of the risk of the bristles coming lose, and were unaware of the dangers of using these brushes, contact one of our attorneys to determine your legal rights.

Sawgrass Sublimation Ink Causes Ricoh Printers To Malfunction

Customers who purchased Ricoh printers, including the GX 7000, have reported numerous complaints that using Sawgrass brand sublimation ink with their printers caused their printers to malfunction. If you or someone you know purchased a Ricoh printer with Sawgrass sublimation ink that malfunctioned, please contact us to discuss your legal options.

Chase Bank "Special Mortgage Modification Program" Letter

Chase bank recently sent out a letter to certain mortgage customers indicating that those customers were eligible for a “special mortgage modification program.”

This program, as outlined in the letter, offered customers with an excellent mortgage payment history a chance to lock in a low monthly principal and interest payment.  It would give these clients a new, low, fixed interest rate for the life of their loan.   In the letter, Chase also states that there is no cost to the client:

“You’ll never have to worry about your loan’s interest rate or payment adjusting again….there’s absolutely no cost to you—no closing costs, no appraisal fee, no points—nothing.”

However, the letter fails to disclose that customers joining the program would be reported to credit agencies in a way that would hurt their credit score.  This could make getting credit more expensive or even impossible. 

The consumer lawyers at Arias, Ozzello & Gignac are currently looking for others who have received such a letter from Chase.  If you or someone you know has received a letter from Chase like this one and has suffered adverse consequences as a result, call our experienced attorneys today for a free consultation.  You may be entitled to compensation for your damages.  

Tax-Preparation Software Investigation

The attorneys at Arias, Ozzello & Gignac are currently looking for individuals who used tax preparation software in the past four years and who meet a certain set of criteria in order to further an investigation. 

Those who fit the criteria would have paid federal income tax in the past year, used a tax preparation program to prepare those taxes, itemized their deductions, and would not have deducted BOTH state and local stales tax on their return.  Also, these individuals would reside in a state that does not have a state income tax.  Those states are: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming. 

If you or someone you know fit the above criteria contact us today to discuss your legal options. You may be entitled to compensation.

Unemployed Californians Complain That The Employment Development Department Denies Them Full Emergency Unemployment Benefits

Investigation has found that unemployed individuals in California who qualify for emergency unemployment compensation from California's Employment Development Department may be denied entitlement to the exhaustion of this compensation before receiving payment of regular unemployment compensation.  A new unemployment benefit period must be deferred until exhaustion of all emergency unemployment compensation, which may be higher in amount than the regular unemployment compensation.  If you or someone you know may be affected, please contact us to discuss your legal options.

Macy's Credit Card Members Complain About Undisclosed Credit Protection Insurance Fees

Investigation has shown that Macy's assesses fees for Credit Protection insurance that Macy's may not disclose when consumers apply for the Macy's credit card.  If you or someone you know has applied for a Macy's credit card and been charged fees for Credit Protection insurance, contact us today for a free consultation.  

Panther Expedited Services, Inc., aka Panther II Transportation, Inc. Sued for Underpaying Drivers

The employment law attorneys at Arias, Ozzello & Gignac recently filed a lawsuit against Panther on behalf of trucking owner-operators who were systematically underpaid for mileage, fuel surcharges, layover charges, and detention pay.  The lawsuit alleges Panther concealed these fraudulent practices from owner-operators, and kept the additional money.  The firm is currently looking for current and past owner-operators and other witnesses who can provide additional information.  If you or someone you know has information about these practices, we ask you to please contact Mark Didak or Alfredo Torrijos at (310) 670-1600 today.

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